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Social Media

We have now ascertained that several comments left on social media platforms were fake and malicious.

Following these activities we have, for the time being removed all social media from our business. We are also further aware that these same individuals logged complaints with the council about a sign at our car park entrance and about our opening a shop. It's a shame that those with ulterior motives wish to spoil things for the majority of our patrons.

Our Restaurant & Shop

We look forwards to welcoming customers, new and old to the Pub and hope to attract new patrons to all we have to offer at the new Bell and Chimes. Starting Monday July 19th we will be offering Breakfast (7 till 11 daily) eat in or takeaway.

Our new Village Shop opens soon (date to be advised).

A "click and collect service" will be introduced over the coming weeks to assist customers with their purchases and we welcome your input on stocks and items we sell but do ask you to remember it's a small shop where we are aiming to carry core essentials to assist the local community as much as we can.



Open Friday and Saturday with weekly changing menu
Open Sunday - Noon to 9pm for Sunday menu


Private Functions

Restaurant is also available for private parties, funerals, weddings, meetings and conferences.
Screens for playing media and videos available for all events, conference packs available
Sporting events to be screened – details will be displayed in advance.


Monthly Movie and Menu Nights

Music Nights
Speed dating
All events that will be held in the first few months in the restaurant


Outdoor Events

Also our biker friends we will offer a bikers bbq once a month in the Summer.



Customer Notice - Horse owners

The Owners kindly ask those with horses to refrain from exercising them on the grassed garden areas:
We rent these separately
We pay to mow them and upkeep them
They are used by families and diners
There are clear footpath areas you can use and that are designated for such
When this is pointed out have the courtesy to apologise and refrain from such conduct in future and not be smug or argumentative

This is a polite request but we will if required enforce such and take remedial actions. As always, the thoughtless inconsiderate acts of those selfish and thoughtless few impact on everyone having a negative impact on others and left to others to clean up their mess.